Building a Better tomorrow, right here, in New Paltz.

La Estancia at the Ridgeview, is a multi-phase construction project that will result in Apartments and a Boutique Hotel that includes a Spa, a Restaurant, and Retail/Office Space.

This project will benefit our community by highlighting the village of New Paltz as a sought-after walkable tourism destination, providing needed hotel and residential accommodations within New Paltz, creating local jobs, and generating tax revenue.

Please join us in embarking upon this enchanting journey from a hopeful today into a brighter tomorrow!

Over 500 Jobs

Not only will we create jobs during the construction process, but we will also create jobs after the completion of each structure. This project will create hundreds of jobs for unemployed and underemployed local individuals. The boutique hotel will be independently-owned and operated to ensure quality and remain true to the Village values of assisting local companies and not a national chain. We want the revenue generated to stay within our community, where we need it.

Green Building

As a certified Green company, The Lalo Group uses only energy-efficient and eco-friendly products. Not only has The Lalo Group achieved silver status in LEED standards, but has also implemented advanced recycling systems in its main headquarters. We intend that this property will be LEED certified, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Tax Relief

Our project aims to boost the local and broader community’s infrastructures.  In addition to job creation, our project will bring additional economic benefits to our village and our county through tax revenue.   Fiscally, we estimate that our project will generate more than 290,000 dollars in new net tax benefits to our community.